Explaination into the process

2016 Installation - private commission


The fabric is ironed into varying widths of folds, it is then wrapped on a pole with thread and pushed up the pole
to create a pleat. The thread can be placed on the pole to create varying patterns. This can be dyed by hand for
specifically placed colour OR immersion dyes for one over all colour.


Folded and Clamped

The fabric is folded into pleats in two or more directions, it is then placed between two blocks and clamped tightly.
The fabric can be hand painted or immersion dyed, when the clamps are removed another colour can be added remembering what colour will be created in the middle ground . 



A portion of the fabric is drawn up with the fingers held while a tread is wound around it. Each turn of the thread must be in tight contact with the previous one to stop the dye from penetrating.



The unique effects are created by the type of stitch, the placement of the stitches  and whether or not the fabric
has been folded. The fabric needs to be gathered and secured tightly to resist the dye .



Tangerine Tango, 5 x five metre silk drops on Jean's silk road dancing from the redwoods, Raglan.


Wallace gallery morrinville

Indigo scarves complimenting exhibition