Sumptuous Shibori block dyed textiles silk scarves and wraps by artist Jean Carbon in Raglan New Zealand

Welcome to C'bon Textiles - I'm Jean Carbon, textile artisan, fashion designer and teacher.

My passion is fabric; it's history and origins, and the many ways it can be patterned, coloured and decorated to create garments or works of art. I use the ancient resist dying techniques of Shibori and clamped blocks to pattern sumptuous silk fabrics. While this form of dyeing is very labour intensive it allows me to be specific in where I pattern the fabric and how I then place the design into a garment or piece of art.

I work almost exclusively in silk: the range of weights and textures available allows me to explore a huge array of colours, effects and textures, both vibrant and subtle.

After sixteen years teaching Fabric Technology I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Technology at AUT in Auckland. I am now a full-time artist living and working from my home in Raglan, New Zealand and I enjoy the freedom to travel and expand my knowledge base.

My work is sold and exhibited throughout New Zealand and I am available for bespoke commissions of artworks and one-off garments.

My home includes a beautiful studio and separate self-contained accommodation for guests. This allows me to teach creative, live-in workshops to students wishing to learn the art and techniques I use.

Together Alone installation

Together Alone installation